Homecoming Showcase

And just like that, the Homecoming Showcase that took place on October 6th and 7th, was a success! Not only were the performances wonderfully performed, but to top it all off the weather was terrific. We showcased music from Jazz Band, Orchestra, Wesleyan's Singers and Chorale and a grand finale performance of this semester's musical Into The Woods from theatre and it was absolutely fantastic, especially for the amount of space we had. But don't just take my would from it. Here is some input from our Music Directors, Dr. Bryson Mortensen and Jason Squinobal.

As many would tell you, for the past two years, our homecoming weekends have been washed out, rather it be a northeasters and hurricanes. Since this the first actual year we have done a showcase for the Performing Arts, Dr. Bryson Mortensen responds saying, "I think it went really well! It is such an exciting opportunity to see all of the people who are involved in the performing arts together in one room showing off all of the great thing that we do. It was especially great to see the people that are involved in multiple areas of the arts and allow them to show off." The same goes for Dr. Jason Squinobal, who said "that it was a good showcase of many of the different performing arts we have to offer. Also a great balance between individual and group achievements."

If you have attended a show in our current theatre, it is a very small space that sits the maximum of 140 people. So one thing both Dr. Mortensen and Dr. Squinobal are both looking forward to is “the new Goode Performing Arts Center”, where we will be able to a lot more wonderful things with the extra space! We wouldn’t want to turn people away from our performance because we are low on seating.

Hopefully we get to do this all again next year, with a much better and bigger space where we could get every arts department in on the Homecoming Showcase. So from us to you,the reader we send a big thank you!