Workshops for High school students

Designed for High School Students, workshops at Virginia Wesleyan University provide an opportunity for students to develop their skills as conductors, singers, and choir members. Click below to learn more about each opportunity to find the best one for you.

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Summer Choral Leadership Academy

July 25-30, 2018

Join other like minded High School students and members of the Virginia Wesleyan Chorale for a week of intensive music making and preparation for a career as a future choral music leader. 

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All-District Choir Audition Workshop

October 27-28, 2017

Prepare yourself for upcoming All-District Choir Auditions. Experience the audition procedure just like you would, but then get the opportunity to receive from coaching from your adjudicator to improve for the real audition!

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Spend a Day as  A Marlin

By Appointment

Take a day to find out what its like to be involved in music at Virginia Wesleyan. Spend the day shadowing a a choir member or music major, eating on campus, and sitting in on rehearsals. its a great chance to experience what its like to be a Marlin!